Blake Sutton

Director of Operations

Blake Sutton

Blake Sutton


As president of Est Est Interior Design, Blake is clear about his vision for the future of the company. He has spent his entire life in the industry, cherishing the opportunities to help homeowners create homes that are customized to their lifestyles and aesthetics. Prior to joining Est Est in 2010, Blake graduated with honors from Arizona State University with an engineering degree in Construction Management. He started his career working with a small custom home builder in Scottsdale and had the opportunity to help build the custom villas at the Montelucia Resort and Spa early in his career. The opportunity to work on the construction side of the industry and develop an understanding of how luxury homes are built has been an invaluable resource.

He has spent the last 13 years using his knowledge in the construction industry to refine the Est Est processes, enhance its communication, and improve the client experience.

He’s taking the established, award-winning interior design firm into a new era, one that is all about fostering a culture of creativity and celebration. He is focused on bringing the designers, the shining stars of his company, to the forefront and allowing them to explore their passions while providing structure to ensure a great experience for clients. He is pushing Est Est into the leading edge of the interior design world, being true trendsetters in cultivating timeless, gorgeous designs that take into account the way each client lives.

Following Est Est tradition, Blake has spent the last decade volunteering with the nonprofit Teach One to Lead One. This nonprofit is a community-based mentorship program that goes into public schools during the day to mentor at-risk students, with the goal of leading them into a life of purpose and potential. Community involvement is of the utmost importance to Blake and will continue to be a value of Est Est.

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