Gera King, ASID

As Director of Scottsdale Community College Interior Design Program, when I describe a professional interior design studio to students, parents, faculty or other interior designers, I think of Est Est.

Kay and Jerry Cook

It’s no surprise to us that you have been successful for 50 years. We had seen several ads in various magazines and were pleased with the layout and message that captured our eye. We were pleased to discover that Tony was originally involved in the design of our home with the previous owners. The relationship we built with everyone at Est Est has been nothing shy of a treasure. The design team has been amazing and we thank everyone for creating such a warm and inviting home for us.

Jay and Dale Kaplan

When our architect was unable to finish the job, Tony Sutton and his team at Est Est immediately took charge. They developed the plans and specifications not only for decor but for structural elements, and found us an architect to execute the design. Within a year of moving in, our house won a National Design Award for Best Single Family House in America under 6,500 square feet.

Joe Baumer

Their attention to detail in their drawings and specifications makes my life easier from the bidding process all the way through installation. In my line of work good information and communication is a must and I have come to expect that from EST EST. In 2014 Thomas Tile & Stone was awarded “Contractor of the Year” and “Best Custom Tile & Stone” and of course the designers on this award winning project were none other then EST EST. Sincerely Joe Baumer, CTC Project Manager Thomas Tile & Stone

John Grenz

Working with Est Est has been a breeze! They have a great sense of design and helped me find exactly what was looking for. The entire process from start to finish was great! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Dr. Roger and Laura Bird

Facing an empty golf-course lot, Est Est’s breath of experience of creativity brought our blueprints to life. After 15 years of active use, Est Est was again inspirational in the remodel which is a testament to our continued love of the design and durability.

James Hann, AIA, James Hann Design

One of the greatest attributes Est Est brings to the table is their timeliness in providing decisions, design work, and materials to the job site. I have thoroughly enjoyed their professionalism, enthusiasm, insightful design work and willingness to work together as a team.